celastrus angulatus is a natural insecticide acaricide extracted from a tree called celastrus angulatus, the active ingredient Angulatin A controls a wide range of sucking and chewing insects that attach all kinds of vegetables, fruit trees, ornamentals, turf and forage crops.

This product acts on the nervous system of pests, destroy the cuticle, cause paralysis, avoiding, refusing food, stomach and contact action, not produce the resistance, not injure the natural enemy.

Uses and Dosage:



Rate of use



White fly, jessed, aphid, leafhopper, worms, mites, thrips.

100-150ml/100L of water


Fruit trees

White fly, jessed, aphid, leafhopper, worms, mites, thrips, mile bug.

100-150ml/100L of water

Date palm

Old date mites, dubas bug, lesser date moth, beetles.

100-200ml/100L of water

Forage crops

White fly, jessed, aphid, leafhopper, worms, mites, thrips,mile bug.

100-150ml/100L of water


Mole, ants and worms.

100-150ml/100L of water

Celastrus angulatus applied at the beginning of infection at 7-10 day intervals according to pest incidence.
Celastrus angulatus mixed with all used pesticides except the ones with base effects (we prefer you make small test before mixing).

Natural, safe insecticide acaricide.
Control a wide range of insects and mites.
Used to control pests in all kinds of plantations.
No adverse effects on environment and low toxicity and low residue.
Kills pests by paralysis (it has contact action and excellent antifeedant effects so it stops pest from feeding).
The drug effect is for more than 15 days continuously. Physical and chemical performance is very steady: not influenced by climatic conditions such as light, temperature, humidity, etc.
Increased plant production: the product can regulate plants growth, make the crop increase production by 10%-20%.
The product is low toxic pesticide; however parts of body contacted by the product must be cleaned with clean water or soap.
The product is able to be mixed with other pesticide to use excluding the strong alkalescence pesticide.
The product is stored in condition of dryness; meanwhile kept away from fire. The period of validity is two years.


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